28aI am a radio presenter on BBC London 94.9.  It’s an exciting station full of interesting and varied shows.  Please check it out some time.

I have been presenting radio shows for 20 years.  Apart from a stint serving tea cakes to old ladies this is all I have ever done professionally.  Which is lucky since it’s all I ever wanted to do from the age of 14 and, frankly, all that I can do.  Obviously I have deluded dreams of being a published author and one day I might actually put pen to paper instead of day dreaming about the success I’m going to have.

I have had my own long standing Drive Time show on the then named Virgin Radio after Chris Evans headhunted me from a Birmingham radio station. That was a good day.

I spent 10 years on Heart Breakfast first with Jono Coleman and then with Jamie Theakston.  Jono and I won a Sony Gold Award for Best Entertainment.  Another good day.  Jamie and I won a Gold Award at the New York Radio Festival.  That was nice too but we didn’t get to go to the do.

I’ve been lucky enough to interview the stars.  I had a near falling out with Morgan Freeman when a game of ‘you show me yours & I’ll show you mine’ backfired, and one day Ben Affleck called me beautiful. The next day he broke up with JLo.  Naturally I have my own theory on this.

A few stats for you: I was the first female in UK radio to head up a Breakfast Show, and during my time on Heart Breakfast we beat Capital Radio in the Breakfast ratings war for the first time in Capital’s 17 year history.

I have also presented TV shows.  5 series of Crimefighters for ITV and film and showbiz for Sky News were highlights. Plus I have shamelessly popped up on a few rent a gob talking head type shows and am more than happy to review newspapers.

I do voice overs too.  See the contacts page if you’d like to hire me.

I have a BA Hons in History from Hull University.  I find this occasionally useful to drop in to a conversation if I’m feeling inferior.

I’m interested in the world around me and beyond too as I love a good space book. I love to cook but mainly just to get to a standard where I can put sumptuous looking food on the table with apparent little effort. I long for more time to garden and indulge my secret passion for country music.

I have a husband and 2 very small boys.  I’m considering getting a cat but I’m not ready for a dog.  I prefer dogs.