That Sometimes Sleep Is Overrated.

I am the host of an early morning breakfast show and this means my alarm goes off stupidly early. Earlier than you think. No, even earlier than that. Lets just say that I’m on air from 4-6am and its 80% speech and I am 100% responsible for the content. So I don’t run in the door at 3.55….
I’ve been doing these hours since January and since then I have probably been out during the week twice. One of those was a parents evening.

Last night, however, was a different story. My friend Kelly Hoppen, the interior designer and now Dragon, threw a party to launch her new book Design Masterclass at the Belgrave Hotel in London. Effortlessly chic and organised, I knew the party would be a stylish affair. It’s important to know that Kelly knows everyone. So everyone was going to be there. I noticed on twitter that Nancy Dell’Olio was attending so I swapped my north London wannabe rock chic look for something altogether more glamorous. It itched and I fiddled but at least I made the effort.


The party was typically well attended with Kelly’s fellow Dragon handsome Peter Jones the first person I made smile at me, followed by Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham. Kelly worked the room with her incredible bounce of curls and a tight red jumpsuit that ROCKED. Nancy was a predictable glamorous mix of shiny, soft, flowing and glossy and she literally held court amongst a circle of pretty boys. Talking of which, I had the most lovely catch up with Gok Wan. There’s things you should know about him. He doesn’t air kiss, he wants to hear your dullest of stories and he leaves you feeling amazing. So that’s something you’ve learned today.

Observant people will notice that I’m not the one photographed with Kelly in this picture but actually I am making my way up the stairs behind so it sort of counts.

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