That timing is everything.

Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc has cleared up the age old question of why French women don’t get fat. This is, of course, a myth and the book of the same name is annoying and generalizes to the point of absurdity. We are told today that  we should be cooking with butter (just en petit), drinking less and eating earlier. One glass of wine, he says is better than 6.  No sh** Sherlock.  And perhaps the strongest piece of advice he has for us Gremlin like Brits is that we absolutely mustn’t eat after 7pm. “That’s a big tip because most people eat more at night and that’s when you put the weight on.”

It may be a big tip, M. Blanc, but it’s surely also an own goal.  I predict a spate of dinner cancellations at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons. Just following orders.

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